She said one (a black guy) answered the magazine ad, and the other two were strippers from a local club. I told her that I was very frustrated with a dildo that I had recently purchased because I couldn't get it in my ass - it's rubbery and flexible and I think that it needs "to be" inserted by somebody else because you can't get in the right position by yourself. Mary -> From: Sam -> To: Mary you sound like my kind of woman.. You groan with relief that I am now fucking you. I'm between men (and probably will be for a while, I'm burned out on the single scene.) and I have a couple of girl friends that I get together with occasionally for a little idle recreation. When we do have sex it is just that, quick sex, not much love. Sara -> From: Walter -> To: Sara Well. In fact the fear of the embarrassment of an erection, probably prevented me venturing earlier into this wonderful lifestyle. Rita's parents would be unsympathetic. " MY GOD JENNIFER, HOW CAN ANYTHING FEEL THIS GOOD " I moan, as the deep penetrating strokes continue with increased force and insistence.